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Serafim technology Co.,Ltd. is a  high-tech company, specialized in R&D, Production and supply of new novelty products since 2010.
We are specialized in the R&D, production and supply of  Electronic cigarette, Vapor kit, tank atomizer, and novelty goods.
The company has 6 standard production line and 2 hundred thousand grade purification workshop, more than 100 employees.
With more 7years experience in Production and supply, up to now, Seraphim technology Co.,Ltd. has build up a powerful and professional R&D team and set up a standard quality management system.
Our Faith is Quality First, customer first.
Our Vision is to offer the best products and service to our customers.

OUR STORY: Serafim technology is specialized in R&D, Production and supply of novelty products in Shenzhen,China.
2010, Serafim start production of electronic cigarette and vapor kit, such as Disposable ecig, EGO Series Ecig, CE4 atomizer.
2013, Serafim applied  Medical CE for our products to meet our Australian partners needs.
2015, Serafim develop scooter products with cooperation with Segway distributor in Europe.
2016, Serafim develop CBD product series.
2017, Serafim develop Pod vapor kit.
2018, Serafim develop 1st set of Sea scooter board Usee1.0 unit in the world.